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Kesha discusses her anxiety and eating disorder struggle

While accepting Billboard's Trailblazer prize at the Women in Music awards, the singer talked about her illness

Kesha recently accepted her Trailblazer Award at the Billboard Women in Music awards, a brilliant honour for a brave person who’s had to deal with a lot of shit this past year. While accepting the prize, the singer spoke about struggling with an eating disorder and anxiety, urging others to seek help for their own issues.

“I didn't really feel like standing and getting an award - I didn't feel worthy of that,” the 29-year-old said. “But I knew I had to drag myself out of my bed, put on my damn boots, walk up here tonight and say thank you to you guys.”

“I know I'm not alone. These are struggles millions of people around the world deal with on a daily basis,” Kesha continued. “The irony is, when I was very, very sick and getting sicker, I would hear about how much better and better I was looking, and that is problem. I decided I want to be part of the solution.”

“Finding the strength to come forward about these things is not easy but maybe by me standing up here and telling my story, I can help somebody else who's going through something tough. I know it's scary, but once you take the first steps to help yourself, you'll completely change in the best of ways.”

The “Warrior” singer described the win as “mind-blowing”, following a “very public year”. In April, her case against producer and abuser Dr. Luke was dismissed. Dr Luke then sued her for breach of contract and defamation. The singer hopes to appeal her case in the next year.

Kesha told a rapturous crowd: “Sometimes your journey will take unexpected turns, but that's the beauty of life. Get up and show up for yourself and don't let anyone stop you, and most importantly, do not let anyone else ever take your happiness. You are worth it. And thank you for reminding me, I'm worth it too.”