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Aphex Twin releases bizarro US election video

Richard D. James offers up a very weird take on a very weird presidential election

Aphex Twin has offered his opinion on the US election, and it’s... well, it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect from Aphex Twin. In a frantically-paced new video created with frequent visual collaborators Weirdcore, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump get their faces folded and their voices chipmunked, Trump supporters talk nuclear war, and Aphex himself rides an A-bomb down on Texas, Dr. Strangelove style. “An approved message from Aphex Twin,” a caption reads on Facebook.

It’s typically weird, but needless to say, not nearly as weird as the election itself. The video is a promotion for Aphex Twin’s upcoming appearance at Day For Night festival in Houston next month. It’s his first show on US soil since 2008 (the same year Barack Obama was first elected president), and he’ll naturally be sharing a bill with a hologram of slain ape Harambe.

Check out the video below.