Watch a freakish trailer from the creator of Salad Fingers

Ahead of its premiere next month at the UK launch of Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder Films, get a first look at David Firth’s bizarro short film ‘Cream’

Earlier this year, US electronic producer Flying Lotus revealed that he was launching Brainfeeder Films, an independent film finance and production company that would be dedicated to leftfield and experimental filmmaking in much the same way that his Brainfeeder record label is for music. Next month, Brainfeeder Films will be coming to London for a screening of the short film ROYAL, which was directed by Flying Lotus (under the name ‘steve’) and debuted to acclaim at Sundance Next Festival earlier this year. Additionally, they’ll also be screening two new shorts by British artist David Firth.

Firth, to most people, will be known as the creator of Salad Fingers, the creepy but darkly hilarious animated series that was inescapable on the internet in the mid-2000s, arriving as people around the UK were starting to get broadband in their homes. Firth and FlyLo’s creative relationship started in 2014, when Firth animated the ultraviolent video for “Ready Err Not”. “We’ve respected each others’ work for years and started collaborating when I animated a naked alien baby orgy and had them slice him up in a music video,” Firth tells us, “I was pleasantly surprised that he was into it.”

At the London event, Firth will be premiering his long-in-the-making short film Cream. “Cream is about a new product that can actually fix everything,” Firth explains, “I was joking about what would happen if CERN suddenly announced that the Large Hadron Collider had produced a product. What would that product be?” They’ll also be showing another Firth cut, titled Umbilical World. “It’s a big animated collage of my work,” he says, “woven together with guts, mainly.”

The first full-length feature from Brainfeeder Films, Kuso, is currently in production. It will feature P-Funk legend George Clinton and comedians Byron Bowers and Anders Holm in its cast – and will reportedly include new music from Aphex Twin, Thundercat, and Silent Hill composer Akira Yamoaka in its soundtrack.

You can watch a trailer for Cream above. The premiere takes place at London’s Regent Street Cinema on November 16, and you can get tickets here.