Watch Sasha Grey’s ride through a desert highway

The former porn actress hits the open road in the video for Death In Vegas’s ‘Consequences of Love’

In the video for “Consequences of Love”, taken from Death In Vegas’s sixth album Transmission, musician and former adult actress Sasha Grey cruises along moonlit desert highways. The video, directed by Death In Vegas mastermind Richard Fearless, nods to filmmakers Monte Hellman and Dario Argento, and thematically deals with the isolation and self-reflection that comes after losing a love.

“We wanted to recreate the album artwork for the ‘Consequences of Love’ video,” Sasha Grey explains over email, “Creating a stillness that reflects the malaise after love’s loss. Throughout life, through having experienced it, we continue to shed like serpents.”

Death In Vegas formed in the 1990s as a project of artist and producer Richard Fearless. With Transmission, Grey provided spoken word vocals in her Midwestern twang over Fearless’s gritty, analogue electronic beats. She’s since become a de facto member of the group, even performing with Fearless at this weekend’s Berlin Atonal festival.

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Drone release the Consequence of Love EP on August 26