Watch a debauched Daddy video directed by James Franco

Strap-ons, threesomes and knife play feature in the polymath’s NSFW new clip for the band he plays in with Tim O’Keefe

The word ‘band’ carries certain connotations, but Daddy are hardly your typical rock‘n’roll act: comprised of polymath James Franco and producer/multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Keefe, the duo have previously spoken of their desire to “push beyond the sonic space of music into the surrounding ecology”, dipping into other creative mediums like performance and video art.

Their new video for “I’m A Sword Swallower”, the opening track from the duo’s The Smiths-inspired debut album Let Me Get What I Want, is directed by Franco himself and depicts a threesome with a man and two strap-on-wearing women. Across its runtime there’s power play, knife play, and all kinds of other kinks going on.

Franco sent us a line about the video over email: “Everything gets wild at the Chateau Marmont. Bungalow 2, where they rehearsed Rebel Without A Cause in the 50s and Nicholas Ray had his affair with young Natalie Wood. Some hippies threw a party, and things got wild.”

The version of “I’m A Sword Swallower” featured in the video isn’t the one that appeared on Let Me Get What I WantInstead, it’s a druggy, sideways remix by friends Prince Rama (the duo have described Franco, alongside Kenneth Anger, as their favourite artist). “Prince Rama’s remix creates the perfect soundtrack for our short film that explores gender, power play, and Hollywood lore in a cinematic psychedelic dream,” says Tim O’Keefe, “Prince Rama and Daddy are a match made in heaven.”

Though this is your first chance to watch the video online, it’s not the first time it’s been given a public airing: if you happened to be at NYC Porn Festival (a two-day event sponsored by Pornhub and Adult Empire) back in June, you’d have been given the first screening of the clip.

Let Me Get What I Want is available now, both digitally and on dark pink vinyl.