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Anohni calls EU referendum vote a “prison riot”

The artist, in a Facebook post, said “Brexit is not the wisdom of the poor at work”

Across the creative industries, people have been sounding off about the EU Referendum result. As the UK has voted to leave the EU, everyone from Novelist to Stormzy, Dev Hynes and Lily Allen had their say. Anohni is the latest artist to speak out, in a note shared on Facebook.

In the post, Anohni called the vote “a prison riot”, explaining that international deregulation of multinational corporations, nuclear and weapon industries and environmental policy would be affected by a Brexit. She further commented: “The EU is also the only international governing body capable of having any significant influence over the United States and its actions. We forfeit a seat at the table of those conversations with volatile power at our own peril.”

The Dazed cover star also wrote in detail about American action in the Middle East, the negative effects of capitalism, the refugee crisis and the disparity between classes and income, in relation to how they have encouraged a successful Leave campaign. She continued: “Brexit is the latest casualty in 25 years of United States' criminal foreign policy, lack of accountability, and grotesque international negligence. Until the world perceives justice has been done, no balance can ever be restored. When will those responsible be held to account?”

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