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WILDLIFE! (Switzerland)

The producer of Terry Lynn’s debut album Kingstonlogic 2.0 answers our questions.

Switzerland's digital dancehall mixmaster WILDLIFE! produced Terry Lynn’s gutsy debut album Kingstonlogic 2.0,
and his remixes for Ghislain Poirier, Radioclit and The Dø have set hips in motion across the globe. He impatiently answers our questions.

… your description of your sound?
Putting a Jamaican cat in an electronic blender feet first, and turning up the bass to balance out the sound.

… so special about you, then?
Skinny as hell and rubbish in bed...

… your tip for 2009?
Try and stay off the net for a couple of hours a day and attempt to meet real people.

… the story behind your name?
There's not really a story behind it. I just kinda liked the sound and look of it.

… your worst vice?

… the best piece of advice you've heard?
Try to be more patient, sonny.

… your dream musical collaboration?
Coxsone Dodd and Jimmie Rodgers.

… on your stereo?
I'm listening to a lot of late 70s punk again these days, and old time American music like Hank Williams, Bill Monroe or the Stanley Brothers. I hardly listen to any electronic stuff, except when I'm at a club.

… the one thing you’d kill for?
An immediate shower and fresh set of clothes upon exiting a club.

… your vision of the future?
Looks pretty nice, personally, but on a global level, phew... micro-organisms taking back the controls real soon...