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Kidbass feat. Sincere (London, UK)

Sampling Moloko has given Kidbass and Sincere a grime remix anthem on their hands.

Sampling Moloko's "The Time is Now" on your first MySpace song shouldn't work, but in Kidbass feat. Sincere's case, it somehow does. Like Wiley's "Wearing My Rolex", "Goodgirls Love Rudeboys" is destined to be the singular grime remix anthem whipped out at rural indie discos across the country, so if you don't know anything about sincere rap, you may as well throw a puny fist in the air. Here, Sincere politely answers our questions, with a brief interjection from Kidbass. And no, we didn't make up the bit about Chris Martin.

...  your description of your sound?
Something fresh, exciting and new. It's classic hip hop and R'n'B mixed with drum and bass, house, garage, grime and dance music. My sound is as diverse as London, the city in which it is made.

... so special about you then?
I can do a track with Chipmunk, Just Jack or Skinnyman and still feel and sound comfortable.

... your tip for 2009?
I Blame Coco.

... the story behind your name?
Kidbass: We are a bunch of young people making music full of bass. Not very exciting, but it's the truth! 
Sincere: I got the name from the movie Belly. Nas's name in the movie is Sincere and we both had a white Avirex, so
people used to call me "Nas in Belly". I started thinking about the name and chose to go with it, because if I called myself Sincere I knew I would have to live up to it and always make honest music.

... your worst vice?
I buy way too many trainers and clothes.

... your dream musical collaboration?
It would be with Jay-Z because he is my best rapper of all time. Chris Martin would make the beats and Jamiroqui the hooks. Wow!

... on your stereo?
Radiohead all the way to underground rapper Half-a-Mil.

… the best piece of advice you've heard?

I heard this from Warren Buffet and it is "trust your inner score card", which means living for yourself and not other people.

... the one thing you would kill for?
Well, I hope I'll never have to kill. But if I did, it would be to protect my family from danger.

... your vision of the future? 
My vision of the future changes all the time. I think its gonna get better or worse. If it gets better, AIDS and cancer will be cured and cars will be able to fly and everything will be wireless. There will be no need for plug sockets and keys will be replaced by fingerprint scanners. That sort of thing – kinda like the movie I, Robot.