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Photography by Amanda Marsalis

The Gossip's Nathan and Hannah Get Twitterviewed

Last night you put questions to The Gossip via Twitter and Nathan and Hannah were more than happy to tweet back. Here is the transcript.

Dazed's first ever Twitterview took place last night between a number of Twitter users and The Gossip's Nathan Howdeshell and Hannah Blilie. There was one nervous moment of silence (Nathan and Hannah's wifi dropped out for a bit) and unfortunately not every question could be forwarded on, but at the very least, subjects like Miss Piggy, lime green Lamborghinis and Guitar Hero were all featured. Here is the transcript of what happened...

Nathan and Hannah from @TheGossipBand are ready for your questions now so send them through to @DazedMagazine. Lets begin!

@TheGossipBand Are you guys any good at Guitar Hero? From @annabananafish@DazedMagazine We rule at Guitar Hero!!!! Duh! Guitar hero's fun but we suck. Rock band rules!

@TheGossipBand Do you style yourselves or do you have a stylist? From @theneonhive
@DazedMagazine Miss Piggy is our stylist! We mostly style ourselves, but also work sometimes with Fran Burns + Frederic Baldo.

@TheGossipBand What/Who inspires your music? From @harryokart64
@DazedMagazine Our inspirations= powdered donettes, John Waters, Yoko Ono, Tim and Eric, Leigh Bowery, and win lose or draw!!!!

@TheGossipBand Favourite John Waters characters? Oh, and if you could punch anyone in the face, Who would it be? From @annabananafish
@DazedMagazine Divine of course! The eggman, Traci Lords, Mink Stole in Desperate Living. We would punch Nathan, and have!

@TheGossipBand Why is the new album called 'Music for Men'? From @veggieraptor
@DazedMagazine Music For Men is the ultimate feminist record title! Check out the butch dyke on the cover!

@TheGossipBand See, now you've got us started - your favourite muppet of all time is..? From @theneonhive
@DazedMagazine MISS PIGGY!!!!!!!!

@TheGossipBand How many albums do you think you're going to last? From @euamotubaina
@DazedMagazine We will last as many albums as your mom will buy!

@TheGossipBand If you guys weren't in a band what will you guys do as a profession? From @Photogeek20
@DazedMagazine Beth would be a hairstylist, Hannah would sell dildos, and Nathan would make egg McMuffins.

@TheGossipBand Did you like our Dazed feature on you guys? PS we are awesomer at Rock Band than you. From @rodstanley
@DazedMagazine We loved the Dazed feature, and we loved Karley! love seeing photos of Nathan's old bowl haircut in print!

@TheGossipBand You guys have great taste but what's the worst taste thing you've done or bought? Be honest! From @theneonhive
@DazedMagazine That lime green lamborghini in my driveway is pretty excessive, bad taste.

@TheGossipBand Marmite love it or hate it? From @theneonhive
@DazedMagazine Marmite sux Australia rules!

@TheGossipBand When are you gona be back touring in the UK??? From @MikeyVonTrash

(5 minutes of inactivity pass.... have Nathan and Hannah decided that Twitter isn't for them?)

@DazedMagazine Sorry lost wifi for a minute. We'll be back in the UK in MAY!!! Dates on our MySpace.

@TheGossipBand How are your lives different from when you released Movement? [which I LOVE ;)] From @ilovelaurajane
@DazedMagazine We no longer sleep on punk floors, record albums in 5 days in a bathroom, or tour in a smart car.

@thegossipband Have u ever felt forced to go in a certain direction musically or in terms of image in order to sell ur music? From @carolinetwidle
@DazedMagazine Never felt forced to change our music to sell records. We just play what we like, duh!

@TheGossipBand  Who has the best tattoo in the band? From @Mos_sy
DazedMagazine This is Hannah, I just got a giant tattoo of my dog's face.

@TheGossipBand Where is the dog face tattoo?
@DazedMagazine On my thigh! I could barely walk after I got it!

@TheGossipBand How did you build your fan base in the early days? From @SUBvertmagazine
@DazedMagazine Our fans were our friends who came to see us in basements and living rooms.

@TheGossipBand Who would you like to Twitterview?
@DazedMagazine Twitterview Morrissey? He'd probably spit in our faces thru the computer.

@TheGossipBand Beth strips down a lot, why dont the rest of you? From @vinnie_cook
@DazedMagazine The Red Hot Chili Peppers already did that!

@TheGossipBand If you guys could collaborate with any artist who will it be? Dead or alive? From @Photogeek20
Aaliyah, Suicide, the Wipers, Timbaland, the Raincoats, Yoko Ono.

@TheGossipBand What is your biggest goal in life? From @harryokart64
@DazedMagazine To meet George Michael!

@TheGossipBand Can you tell us any cool secrets about Rick Rubin after working with him on Music For Men?
@DazedMagazine Rick Rubin is the sweetest man alive! He has a scooter collection and a Yorkie terrier.

@TheGossipBand Any final words for your fans? Thanks!
@DazedMagazine Goodbye for now! Happy birthday Kim Gordon!!!!

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! We love you!