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jay z
A still from Jay Z’s “Holy Grail’ video

Jay Z references coke dealing and Damn Daniel in new track

On a new Pusha T collab, Hov samples a news anchor’s anti-Beyonce rant and spits about the FBI bringing ‘them all white vans’

Earlier this year, conservative news anchor Tomi Lahren discussed Beyonce on her show TheBlaze, a network founded by notorious right-winger Glenn Beck.

“Your husband was a drug dealer,” she said, taking aim at Beyonce. “For 14 years he sold crack cocaine.  Talk about protecting black neighbourhoods – start at home.”

Pusha T’s new track “Drug Dealers Anonymous” samples the infamous news segment and invites Jay Z to address the allegations.

“14 year drug dealer and still counting...” he spits. “Life made me ambidextrous, countin’ with my right, whippin’ white with my left wrist, daaaamn Daniel, FBI Keep bringing them all white vans through.”

Just when you thought we lived in a post-Damn Daniel world.