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Justin Bieber sued after failing to chug beer

A lawsuit in Houston alleges that the singer smashed someone’s iPhone after being recorded spilling a beer bong over himself

A guy in Houston is suing Justin Bieber after the singer allegedly assaulted him and smashed his iPhone over a failed attempt at beer chugging, according to ABC13.

A lawsuit filed in Harris County, Houston alleges that Robert Earl Morgan met Bieber at a nightclub after the singer performed at the city’s Toyota Center on April 9th. Everything seemed to be going well until a beer bong came around. Bieber couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take it, but ended up spilling the contents over himself.

The lawsuit paints the scene with some truly ridiculous language. “Unfortunately, for Bieber he was clearly a novice because as he attempted to chug his beverage through the beer-bong,” it reads, “He miscalculated the amount of beer he could intake and beer spilled all over himself, his clothes, and on his face.”

Morgan was apparently stood next to Bieber and, like everyone else at the nightclub, was taking pictures and videoing the incident. At this point, the plaintiff claims that an enraged Bieber kicked off at him for recording it. “Before Morgan could say anything else, Bieber smashed Morgan's telephone into pieces and had his security detail toss Morgan out of the area where Bieber was located,” the lawsuit says.

Bieber apparently then left the nightclub via the back door to avoid getting swamped by fans, leaving Morgan scrambling on the floor looking for his missing SIM card. According to the lawsuit, he had to buy a new phone, and lost pictures from his grandmother’s 90th birthday.

Clearly, Morgan has been through a lot both physically and emotionally. He’s seeking $75,000 from Bieber in return.