Watch Gaika’s trippy new video

The rising South London MC drops a clip for ‘Buta’ that’s influenced by 80s anime, film noir and Gaspar Noe

South London electronic-punk-rap-dancehall artist Gaika has dropped a video for “Buta”, a standout track from his latest mixtape Security.

“Buta” features guest verses from Israeli MC Miss Red and Birmingham-based Serocee. The video, directed by Gaika himself, was influenced by late-80s anime like Crying Freeman, film noir, action films from Hong Kong, and the work of filmmaker Gasper Noe. It heavily uses the imagery of Mexican folk saint La Santa Muerte and “other religious iconography of narco-trafficante culture”, as Gaika puts it in a press release.

“We wanted to make a snippet of a cult fashion film and explore the themes hedonism, vengeance, and ultimately the fear of death personified,” he says, “Aren’t we all afraid of death?”

Watch the video above, and get to know Gaika in our interview with the artist.