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Florence's Lungs

Dazed Digital are invited to take a sneak listen to the new Florence and the Machine album entitled Lungs.

Dazed Digital were invited to an exclusive preview listening of Florence & the Machine’s epic-sounding debut album Lungs, to be released on Island Records on July 6. Here’s an overview of some of the best tracks by our favourite begetter of fanciful, soulful indie. Just to whet your appetite.
Rabbit Heart
Recalling Kate Bush, one of Lung’s finest moments comes in the form of “Rabbit Heart”, an epic pop number that revolves around pummelling drums, picked harp and girly-gang-vocal goodness. Great production.
Coming across like “Rabbit Heart”s disgruntled cousin, big, minor-key piano chords give way to Florence’s apparent preference for the ‘pounding-drums-in-the-chorus’ effect.
I’m Not Calling You a Liar
One of the more laid-back tracks Dazed heard, “I’m Not Calling You a Liar” features a trip-hop style beat that sits behind Florence’s atmospheric vocal. A rather lovely section of piano, harp and voice sits in the middle. More please, Florence.
Drumming Song
True to its name, “Drumming Song” features industrial percussion that propels the piece along before the sing-along chorus hits. The choir-like vocals at the end go a long way in expressing Florence’s vision of serious but skewed pop.
Cosmic Love
The by now familiar thumping drums again feature in this Björk-esque track. A delicate harp line maintains the dramatic theme apparent in much of the rest of Lungs. Cosmic Love also provides a hearty use of dynamics.
One of the album’s more immediate songs, “Hurricane” features yet more toying with dynamics, from relatively hushed in the pretty chord changes of the verse, to the crashing that comes with the infectious “I’m going out…” chorus. Florence makes particularly impressive use of her voice through the Motown toe-dipping of her ornamentation. You’ll be singing along to this one.