Xiu Xiu share first video from their Twin Peaks covers album

Watch the trippy clip for ‘Into the Night’ here

After announcing the project last month, Xiu Xiu have revealed the first video from their Twin Peaks covers album. 

The 12-track record, which is set for release tomorrow, sees the Californian noise band attempt to radically recreate Angelo Badalamenti’s iconic, Grammy-winning soundtrack. It will apparently include instantly recognisable classics from David Lynch’s original series, including “Laura Palmer’s Theme”, “Falling”, “Sycamore Trees” and “The Pink Room”.

The first to drop are “Nightsea Wind” and “Into the Night”, which were unveiled back-to-back as part of a trippy video release last night. Directed by Diego Barrera, the footage features fuzzy close-ups and distorted imagery, with a girl slowly walking into a river and washing herself clean. 

In a suitably strange statement accompanying the footage, Barrera reveals that he was hoping to create a “pataphysical proposal”. “(I want to) find imaginary solutions through art, solutions for liberating the mind from teachings that guide the human brain towards weakness caused by fear, fear of pain, fear of loneliness, fear of sickness,” he wrote. “I'm breaking the solar yoke, the harnesses that have fastened us in the construction of all societies, of all religions, when they select their bases, their holy books, excluding or denigrating what is referred to as the feminine.”

No, me neither. See the full film above to see what you think.