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Peaches tears into Donald Trump, calls him ‘disgusting’

‘Even him talking about his dick size: it doesn't matter. Your whole body is a big dick that we hate anyway’

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t talk much about Donald Trump. Why would anyone want to? He’s depressingly racist, shamefully sexist, and – potentially – a terrifying, pathological megalomaniac. If you’ve ever had any worries over the state of humanity, he’s basically the last person you want to be thinking about.

Unfortunately, though, that’s now becoming less and less of a possibility. In an unexpected turn of events, Trump has become one of the most popular candidates in the US presidential race – leading up the Republican polls with 41 per cent (at last count). This means that lots of people are suddenly feeling compelled to express their concerns; whether that’s with menstrual blood, dildos, or some old slabs of raw meat.

This includes Peaches, who opened up about the mogul in last week’s edition of Lenny. Admitting that she would leave America if Trump was elected, the “Rub” singer tore into the clementine-coloured candidate – calling him both “transphobic” and “disgusting”.

“Donald Trump has no details in any of his speeches,” she told the newsletter. “Like, with Kim Kardashian, you can have an opinion about it, and feminism will go on. But someone like Trump saying if his daughter wasn't his daughter he'd probably be dating her is disgusting. Even him talking about his dick size: it doesn't matter. Your whole body is a big dick that we hate anyway. Why are you saying it's bigger? That's completely sexist and even transphobic. It doesn't matter what your dick size is: it's not making you a better person.”

Peaches also shared her views on abortion, which is one of the most contentious political topics in the US right now. “The blame or shame should not be placed on the woman, which still goes on,” she lamented. “There's so much shame that women are going to weird, dirty places and secretly getting abortions where a woman is pulling the fetus out of another woman and they're dying.”

Referring to the pro-life policies of the country’s religious far right, the singer continued: “I don't understand how a Christian doesn't get that. It's the basis of Christianity to be inclusive and love one another. All of that is tied in with fucking money and power.”

“Why is it easier to get Viagra than birth control?” she added. “It doesn't make any sense, and I don't understand why people don't understand it. The whole election is just such a farce: it's sickening.”

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