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PJ Harvey
PJ HarveyPhoto by Maria Mochnacz

PJ Harvey visits a Washington gospel choir in her new video

“The Community of Hope”s video takes place in Washington, D.C. and comes after local politicians criticised the song's lyrics

PJ Harvey has released the video for her new song, “The Community of Hope”.

The song recently came under fire from US politicians for its apparently “unfavourable” depiction of Washington, D.C., with Harvey's lyrics criticising the district's underdeveloped Ward 7 area. The video explores that reference a little deeper: it was shot in Washington and opens with a shot of driver discussing the HOPE VI project (a mixed income housebuilding project that's referenced in the title of Harvey's new album, The Hope 6 Demolition Project), and it ends with a performance of the song in a local gospel church.

The video was directed by photojournalist and filmmaker Seamus Murphy during his and Harvey's visits to D.C. The two are frequent collaborators: Murphy most recently shot Harvey's video for “The Wheel”.

Watch the video below.