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Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean promised his album would be released in July. It's now November.via

Frank Ocean gets his own track on The Life of Pablo

A new version of ‘Wolves’ has appeared featuring Sia and Vic Mensa, while Frank Ocean has been given his very own ‘Frank’s Track’

Kanye West has updated his latest album The Life of Pablo, making good on his promise to “fix” album track ‘Wolves’ and adding on a new track from Frank Ocean.

Although T.L.O.P. was originally released via TIDAL on February 14th, West has been making minor tweaks to it since its release. The original album version of ‘Wolves’ featured an outro by Frank Ocean, which has now been turned into its own song (appropriately titled ‘Frank’s Track’).

Meanwhile, ‘Wolves’ itself now features Sia and Vic Mensa, who both appeared on the song when it was first debuted on Saturday Night Live in February 2015. West wrote on Twitter that he'd been working on the new version for three weeks. It was briefly suggested that Björk and Drake would feature on the new version, but that rumour was quashed pretty quickly.

Kanye recently described T.L.O.P. as a “living breathing changing creative expression” on Twitter, so it’s uncertain as to whether this is just one update, the final update, or whether it’ll ever be finished at all. Has an album ever been made like this before?

Stream previews of the new tracks on TIDAL.