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via @Grimezsz / Instagram

Grimes gets electrocuted on stage, finishes show anyway

The singer reportedly got struck multiple times during a performance in Dublin last night

Grimes was reportedly electrocuted multiple times while performing at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre last night. The “Kill vs. Maim” singer, who’s currently in the middle of her European tour, was struck by a number of technical setbacks during the Tuesday night show – with a faulty foot pedal sparking off a series of high voltage shocks.

Amateur footage posted by Instagram user @ _dil_emma shows the moment the drama began, with Grimes recoiling in shock during the song “Butterfly”. See below:

Despite the electrocutions (and potential risk of death), Grimes soldiered through the show – stressing to fans afterwards that she was “fine”, and that she would return to the Irish capital soon to “play a proper set” and “visit castles”. 

“Thank u Dublin for being sweet and kind,” she wrote, in a series of deleted tweets. “1 mil apologies that my pedal failed and I was electrocuted, but there r tears in my eyes that y’all were so so wonderful (sic).”

She also threw in a Simpsons meme for good measure, heaping on more gratitude to the show’s attendees. “Appreciating every1 who tweeted this at me today haha,” she joked. “Thank u thank u”.