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Hudson Mohawke

Hudson Mohawke says there’s no beef with him and Kanye West

It’s just shots at lawyers who weren’t in the room

Hudson Mohawke says that there is “absolutely no personal issue” between him and Kanye West after he said that he was about to leak tracks he produced for the rapper.

Yesterday, the Scottish producer said he’d leak a .zip of unreleased tracks originally produced for Kanye and Drake having not been paid for his work, but was talked out of it by his friends and family over concerns over the legal consequences.

In a series of tweets today, HudMo clarified that his beef wasn't with the rappers, but rather with “lawyers who weren’t in the room”. He also claimed (in a tweet that's since been deleted, but captured by FACT) that he was expressing sentiments shared by a whole crew of producers. “I really appreciate everyone hitting me up on mail... saying thank god someone said this publicly”, he wrote.

Check out the tweets below.