Sailing the psychedelic seas with Shock Machine

James Righton, formerly one third of Klaxons, returns with a woozy, Paul McCartney-esque solo transmission

Shock Machine is James Righton, formerly one-third of anarchic UK pop band Klaxons and husband of one Keira Knightley. Having previously covered punkish nu-rave, mystical hard rock, and latterly psychedelic house music in his last band, Righton has taken a different tack with his solo work: Shock Machine has more in common with musicians like Paul McCartney and Todd Rundgren, artists who combined their timeless songwriting with contemporary sonic excellence.

His woozy, self-titled debut track comes with a new video from director Saam Farahmand that takes place against orange skies in the middle of the ocean. It arrives with news that Shock Machine's debut EP (recorded in a cabin in the south of France with go-to UK producer James Ford) will land shortly.