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Are Björk and Drake about to feature on a Kanye West track?

A screenshot from Kanye West collaborator Cashmere Cat's Snapchat suggests a new version of “Wolves” featuring Drake and Björk could be on its way

Kanye West's “Wolves” has gone through many iterations: the first version of was debuted on Saturday Night Live last February and featured contributions from Sia and Vic Mensa, while the version that featured on The Life of Pablo featured Frank Ocean. Following the album's release the rapper took to Twitter promising to “fix” the song in the future, and it looks like he may have a new version of it ready — and it might feature Drake and Björk.

Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat might have inadvertently made the revelation after sharing a Snapchat that showed a version of “Wolves” with Drake and Björk credited as featured artists cued on his CDJs. Although it only appeared fleetingly, members of the Kanye to The forum were quick to get a screenshot, as FACT points out.

Obviously there's the possibility that Cashmere Cat deliberately mistagged his mp3s to troll us all, but we're holding out hope that it's the real deal. We've reached out to Björk for comment.

Update 07/03: Maybe Cashmere Cat was trolling us after all — Björk has informed us that she's not featured on the track.