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kanye west life of pablo

Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo is now streaming on Pornhub

For some unknown reason, the album is now streaming for free on the world’s favourite porn site

For those of you who’d completely sacked off Kanye West’s latest album because of all that faff with Tidal, we’ve got some good news. The Life Of Pablo, which has apparently been pirated more than 500,000 times since its release earlier this month, is finally free for all, with the full 18 tracks now available to stream on Pornhub.

The news was discovered by Reddit users today – though there’s no word (or tweets) from Kanye and his people yet to confirm whether the leak was intentional. The only peep that’s been heard is one cryptic image posted by the rapper this morning, in which he inadvertently revealed that he’d been visiting torrent site The Pirate Bay to illegally download some music software.

While the album stream may sound unlikely, it should be noted that Pornhub is going through major image overhaul at the moment, with the site creating its own anti-domestic violence clothing line, record label and college scholarship programme – so this could just be another of their savvy marketing ploys. After all, what better way to broaden your album reach than by dumping it on a website with one of the most diverse audiences in the world?

UPDATE: the link has now been taken down, and now it’s just porn. Sorry.