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David Bowie Instagram unbound
The Unbound series will consist of 16 episodes

Watch the first episode of David Bowie’s Instagram series

The mysterious 15-second clip stars Tavi Gevinson, and is a visual interpretation of the icon’s final album

The first episode of David Bowie’s secret Unbound mini-series has aired – and it’s as dark and mysterious as you probably imagined. Reportedly signed off by the star before his death in January, the 16-episode series is supposed to offer a visual interpretation of his final opus, ★ (Blackstar), and take viewers “on a journey of evocative images inspired by the moods suggested in the album’s music, lyrics and artwork.”

According to the original Instagram post, the series will star Rookie’s Tavi Gevinson – though she doesn’t clearly appear in the first vignette. Instead, all that’s really visible is a dimly lit library, with several people talking over distorted chords of the album’s opening track “Blackstar”. The only clear clue of the short’s Bowie associations is a large book on the table, which bears a black star.

“The series is propelled by a focus on this visual interpretation of the ★ album as opposed to a literal, linear narrative,” writes the press release. “Each episode of the series, designed with a global audience in mind, is sure to capture the imaginations of all who experience it and will undoubtedly lead to endless speculation and discussion of meaning, metaphor and intention.”

Watch the first clip below, and check back for the other releases every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.