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Azealia Banks wants those ‘free bleeder bitches’ blocked

She says that ‘showing ur period blood is fucking gross and offensive’ and wants them taken off Instagram

February’s been a weird month for Twitter users everywhere. First Kanye’s widely reported Twitter meltdown – a garbled mess of Biblical references and pleas for money, like the drunk ramblings of someone who asks you for change then hands you a pamphlet saying ‘God loves you’. And now Azealia Banks – herself no stranger to controversy – has waded into the murky waters of Twitter outrage and is currently holding court. You kind of feel like the tech kids at Apple need to invent a way to remotely shut down Banks and West's Twitter feeds before the platform explodes from the pressure of the collective indignation being directed at them.

In her latest salvo, Banks has declared war on free bleeders, women who breastfeed in public and men who show their penis bulges on Instagram.

Banks is well known for her wide-ranging views. In the past she’s endorsed Donald Trump; claimed white men give better head; criticised women who have multiple abortions and slammed women who don’t shave their armpit hair. However, her decision to call out breast-feeding mothers and the free bleeding movement was swiftly slammed by many people, which Banks acknowledged in a follow-up tweet.

Describing women who free bleed as having “crusty boxes” is pretty puerile, misogynistic language – especially as many free bleeders do so in solidarity with women around the world who don’t have access to female hygiene products, and who often suffer disease and infection because of it. That said, I’m with Banks on the penis bulge thing. Let’s keep things neatly tucked away, guys.