Watch Breakbot’s trippy ode to Japanese subculture in Mexico

The French producer returns with a stunning video following the drunken adventures of one style-obsessed Mexican teen

The unique aesthetic of Japanese pop culture has always drawn people in – its colour-drenched, cutesy-yet-futuristic influence spilling over the borders of the country and into the hands of style-obsessed teenagers across the world. This is an idea that permeates Breakbot’s cinematic visual for “2Good4Me”, a Simon Cahn-directed clip that follows the day of one Mexican teen in Tijuana as she drives through the city, fires shots into the sea and gets thrown out of a club. The track itself, a warped and twisted slice of dreamy electro minimalism, tugs you into the video’s glimmering atmosphere like a shot of tequila on a hot day.

“When listening to Breakbot’s “2Good4Me” I immediately thought of telling a young woman’s emotional story,” Cahn told Dazed. “The link between Mexican and Japanese culture is weirdly very strong in Mexico. It’s very unexpected and interesting…I decided to play with this Japanese/Mexican link. All the characters are real people from Tijuana and non-professional actors.”

“The video, for me, is like the 24-hour rollercoaster of emotions of a young woman; travelling abruptly from comedy to anger, from joy to pain etc. Working with a non-classic narration, I wanted to embody all these different emotions with the structure of the video echoing the feelings of someone intoxicated. Imagine when you’re drunk at night and you are at some place and the next thing you know you are somewhere else…you never remember the why and who, but you always remember the action.”

“Tijuana is usually portrayed as a very wild and dangerous place, but you quickly realize that underneath this image, it’s home to an amazing creative youth. I really wanted this story to be evolving with this, and not showing all the usual Mexican iconographic clichés. To anyone reading this, you really should go check out Tijuana.”