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Lady Gaga is being sued for plagiarism

An artist has accused the singer of stealing her ideas for the ‘Born this Way’ video

Another day, another lawsuit – this time directed at Mother Monster herself, who has been accused of taking her art world inspirations a step too far. The lawsuit comes from French video artist Orlan (Mireille Porte), who is claiming that the strange lumps on Gaga’s face in the “Born This Way” video and single cover were an idea taken from her – because of this, she is asking for a hefty $31.7 million of the profits from the 2011 album. The lawsuit was originally filed in Paris in 2013, but the papers were officially filed in the U.S earlier this week.

For the past few decades, Orlan has become best known for her plastic surgery-related artwork, some of which has involved inserting temporary implants into her face in front of a live audience (you can watch it here, although squeamish viewers beware). “Whether in France or in the United States, Orlan’s unique artwork should be protected,” Orlan’s US lawyers have commented. “We hope that questioning members of Lady Gaga’s creative team will aid the French court in deciding the case.”

Gaga’s representatives, however, have countered that “This is nothing but an attempt by the plaintiff to generate US press coverage around a meritless case that was filed in France several years ago.”

Watch the “Born This Way” video here and see the similarities between the two artists below:

h/t PageSix