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justin bieber
JB and father of Drakevia @therealdennisg Instagram

Justin Bieber and Drake’s dad are making music

The musical collaboration of 2016 is on the cards: the ‘What Do U Mean’ singer and Dennis Graham could be teaming up for a song

We don’t know much. The evidence is thin on the ground. But what we do know looks a lot like Justin Bieber is collaborating with Drake’s dad.

The news was broken through Instagram with a selfie of the pair and a caption that vaguely hints towards some new music. If you’re a real Drake fan, you’ll know his dad, Dennis Graham, is a musician so none of this is too strange.

What are the possibilities here? Are they co-partners on the next “What Do U Mean”? Is Bieber producing a track for Graham? Providing vocals? Or perhaps Graham is producing the next Bieber hit.

The real question though: are we ready? We’ve only just been eased into the idea that Bieber is an incredibly cool pop cultural figure now. He’s shed his bratty bad boy image and emerged an apologetic legitimate adult artist. This collaboration would cement him as the King of Pop. One better than a collab with Drake himself. A partnership with his old man.