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FKA twigs
FKA twigsvia Twitter @FKAtwigs

FKA twigs has opened a new merch store

Seriously, need that t-shirt on our collective bodies ASAP

You don’t really want anything for Christmas. Of course you don’t. We all have enough, we’re disgusting products of a consumer-capitalist society in our own hamster ball of running through the cycles of want, need, buy and self-loathing. Yeah, but then FKA twigs made an online store and I really want/need to buy it all. 

The site allows fans to get music, T-shirts, jackets, posters and a candle (amazing). Previously, you’d only have seen these for sale at the singer’s shows.

The white bomber jacket in particular is a literal work of art: big and puffy with twigs’ beautiful crying doll face emblazoned proudly on the back. 

Santa, if you are listening out there: please get me all the merch and if that’s a problem then I suppose the jacket will do. FYA: I’ve been on some seriously fucking good behaviour this year.

Direct your boyfriend here.