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Dazed Playlist: March 2009

Bringing you the highlights from the Dazed stereo in March that include Asher Roth, Raekwon, Golden Silvers and Holly Miranda.

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(Illustration by Millen Belay)


This month we kick off with a taster from Raekwon's long awaited album Only Built For Cuban Links II. Woooo ohhhh! So heavy. We also have a new track from hip hop's latest great white hope Asher Roth and masked rap villain DOOM (look out for an exclusive interview in next month's issue of Dazed). Then we take things down to Mexico for M.I.S's amazing/hilarious cover of "Bittersweet Symphony" before breaking out new tracks from Solid Gold, Golden Silvers, Poni Hoax and O Children. Also in the mix we have Ms Polly Jean Harvey yelping like a dog, cult 60s antagonists The Monks, hot NYC songstress Holly Miranda, dubstep prodigy Joker, and loads more awesomeness. Lastly I need to give a big shout out to Newham Generals for bigging me up 180 times on their promo! Too funny. Hope you enjoy the ride...