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Ho99o9Photography by Cheryl Georgette

Meet the freak-rap duo bringing blood and guts back to music

Ho99o9 make a deathly return with this exclusive premiere of their mixtape ‘Dead Bodies in the Lake’

Thrash punk and rap haven’t always sat comfortably, but LA duo Ho99o9 (pronounced ‘horror’) have never aimed for comfort. In fact, their latest mixtape Dead Bodies in the Lake works actively against it. With blood-curdling riffs from beginning to end, razor-sharp distortion and warped vocals that move between deep, guttural screams and spitfire bars, their 2-part creation is as visceral and energetic as their notoriously raucous live shows. Like Death Grips and Marilyn Manson before them, Ho99o9 thrive off being both brilliantly original and morbidly offensive, and do so with music that delivers like a short, sharp punch to the gut (in a good way).

Stream their mixtape below, and scroll to the end for the tracklist:

Why is your mixtape called Dead Bodies in the Lake?

We are dedicating this project to our fallen soldiers who have passed on to the next life by way of the lake, strictly intended for real life motherfuckers.

One of your tracks is called "Hate Crimes" and the other is "Kult Refugee" – would you say there is a political undertone to some of your music?

It’s not political, it’s real life shit. You can get sucked into the political abyss as there’s so much going on – whether it’s political, a conspiracy or some other wild shit your mind goes through when seeing the news. We just keep it G as fuck to what we've grown up on and seen with our own two eyes

Your music often deals with sinister themes like death, violence and decay. What first drew you to these darker ideas?

The track "Suicidal Thoughts" by Notorious B.I.G and the first verse of Big L's "Danger Zone".

This mixtape is full of gory imagery. What are your three favourite slasher films?

The Devils Rejects because we’re huge fans of Rob Zombie films. Texas Chainsaw Massacre from 2003 because Jessica Biel is extra sexy in this movie and the "leatherface" is a lot darker in this version. Also The Collector – the serial killer is very clever. He traps his victims in their homes and sets up the illest traps; no words, just darkness and violence. Some dude was going try and rob this family and as he enters the home, the serial killer is already in the house lurking in the darkness. It's like, when you think you're a gangsta or a thug because you have life issues and you meet someone who's a straight up killer.

What most inspires you to be creative?

The smell of blood, fear, the darkness, a lack of creativity from other artists on the same or higher platform, not conforming to "how it should be” or “what it should be", being broke and living check to check, traveling to different parts of the world and knowing I'm not the only one with issues or struggle, the youth and bad people.

What music were you brought up on and how did it inspire you? 

Being a black kid growing up in an urban community, you only knew what was around you or exposed to you and that was rap and hip hop. It inspired us to not be pussy ass bitches growing up.


Side A

Twisted Metal

Kill All Rats

Get A Grip

DeathKult Disciples (999Anthem)

Floating Corpse

Side B

Hate Crimes

Kult Refugee w/skit

Kill You

Piss Bottle feat. Gnar

From The Bottom Of The Lake

Upcoming tour dates for the UK and Europe can be found here