Watch Arca get fetishistic in his latest fearless video

The Venezuelan producer has also shared the tracklist and artwork for his upcoming album Mutant

Alejandro Ghersi AKA Arca has just released a second track and video titled “EN” from his much-anticipated forthcoming album Mutant, due out 20 November. The producer and Dazed 100 alumnus shared the video earlier today on twitter alongside some freaky bondage-style visuals, which have been designed by his long-time collaborator and friend Jesse Kanda.

The video itself is a lo-fi, yellow-tinged creation which sees Arca dance slowly in thigh-high white rubber boots and a black dress, looking like something between an Amsterdam peep show and one of Kanda’s beautifully twisted, animatronic creations.

Speaking about the album in a statement, Arca revealed: "Mutant is about sensuality and impulsiveness as escape routes out of rigidity. Softness as a weapon when the mind attacks itself."

Read the complete tracklist below and our full-length interview with Arca here and Jesse Kanda here.

01 Alive
02 Mutant
03 Vanity
04 Sinner
05 Anger
06 Sever
07 Beacon
08 Snakes
09 Else
10 Umbilical
11 Hymn
12 Front Load
13 Gratitude
14 EN
15 Siren
16 Extent
17 Enveloped
18 Faggot
19 Soichiro
20 Peonies