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Björk’s Vulnicura remixed – part 3

The third and final instalment of exclusive Vulnicura remixes features agenda-setting artists Juliana Huxtable, Bloom and patten

Three months ago, Björk began her latest venture – a three-part series of exclusive remixes of her agenda-setting masterpiece Vulnicura, featuring an array of boundary-pushing DJ’s and producers selected by the Icelandic icon and Tri Angle founder Robin Carolan. Now, we present the third and final in the series, which features a glitteringly dark echo-filled remix of “Lionsong” from NYC club princess Juliana Huxtable, two twisted, gunfire-heavy remixes of “Family” and “Black Lake” from synth wizard Bloom and an immersive, distortive rework of “Stonemilker” from enigmatic producer patten.

A note from Björk:

"these are the last 4 remixes from vulnicura .... i would like to thank especially robin carolan for cocurating this with me . its been such a pleasure !!!

le1f texted me from a sweaty club a clip of juliana doing a mix of lionsong so i contacted her and asked her to make it into a proper remix . its her first remix and i think its incredible !!!

when i djd for tri angle birthday party i did a mashup of bloom and abida parveen . i wanted the peak of his extrovertsy to meet abida at her most visceral . i kinda asked him if hed do a similar thing for black lake and was thrilled he was up for it . i really adore his beats and i feel hes got a strong signature on his noises that are really his . he choose himself to take on family in an impressive way !

patten sent me a mix he did of stonemilker through robin and i loved it so i asked him if we could put it out 

hope you all enjoy 

autumny iceland 



Björk – Lionsong (Juliana Huxtable Remix)

“I really just fell for the album in general but "Lionsong" specifically went straight to this really guttural and spiritual place for me. I was dealing with a lot at the time – doing a lot of healing after a really difficult love and this song brought me through. I started playing it in my club sets and it works take people to this really insane to place. Even after I've mended, it's one of the most powerful songs I've heard in so long and when Björk asked if I'd like to do a remix I naturally freaked out. I tried to think through what elements would take the song to a 'catch the holy ghost' experience in the context of a body in motion - dancing or exorcising. I worked with my friend and frequent collaborator false witness in the studio to really perfect the vision I had for this track and I hope that it does it honor.” – Juliana Huxtable

Björk – Black Lake (Bloom Remix) & Family (Bloom’s North Mix)

"I couldn’t believe it when I heard Björk had been playing my stuff at her gigs and I loved Vulnicura so it was an honour to be able to work on remixes with her. With the first one ("Family") I just went in and pretty much created the whole thing in one intense session. I knew she’d want me to do my thing no-holds-barred so I just went crazy with it, processing the vocal using it like an instrument. I’ve been thinking about making more freeform stuff lately, less club friendly, so this was a perfect opportunity. The second one ("Black Lake") was more of a collaborative process, she emailed me saying she’d envisaged the track reworked like some of my earlier stuff so I pulled out the Quartz bass pulse and we bounced a few ideas back and forth, keeping the vocal track more dominant. It’s been amazing to work with such a visionary artist, so inspiring." – Bloom

Björk – Stonemilker (patten Rework)

Part Three of the Vulnicura Remix Project will be released on November 20th with limited edition single-sided etched translucent 12 inches in die-cut sleeves and a digital release via One Little Indian

Listen to the first set in the series here, and the second here