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Grace Jones
Grace Jones performing at Afropunk Festivalvia

Grace Jones hula-hoops topless at Afropunk festival

The 67-year-old music icon delivered a flawless rendition of ‘Slave to the Rhythm’, proving she will always be awesome

While you were busy going about your usual business on Saturday night, someone, somewhere, was watching Grace Jones perform her 1985 classic “Slave to the Rhythm” completely topless and hula-hooping. I’ll just let that sink in for a moment.

The 67-year-old music icon’s perfectly eccentric performance was for Brooklyn’s Afropunk Festival, where she spent the evening completely slaying the crowd by dancing across the stage in headdresses, grass skirts and a skull mask before whipping it all off to reveal her painted birthday suit and proceeding to hula-hoop throughout the rest of her set. It’s not the first time she’s brought the hula-hoop out either. Back in 2012, she gyrated through “Slave to the Rhythm” at the Queens Diamond Jubilee concert (because if you’re going to do it anywhere, do it there). Luckily, somebody managed to capture her soon-to-be-iconic Afropunk moment on their phone.  

Watch the video below.