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Is this a demo tape of Kurt Cobain’s first band?

Fecal Matter’s early recordings have allegedly leaked online – naturally Nirvana obsessives are losing their minds

Nirvana fans are an obsessive type. Some pay big bucks to stay in Kurt Cobain’s old house and one reportedly broke into Cobain’s daughter’s house because he believed that he was spirtually connecting with Cobain from beyond the grave. Given all of this, it’s only natural that a leaked demo tape of his first band Fecal Matter should cause something of a stir.

The three-piece band formed in 1985. The other members were Greg Hokanson (drums) and Dale Crover (bass).

Although the majority of the demo tape – called Illiteracy Will Prevail – is completely unheard stuff, a few of the tracks were used for Cobain’s more internationally successful band, Nirvana. The last full song on the demo tape, “Downer”, was re-recorded by Nirvana for Bleach and Nirvana also re-recorded “Anorexorcist” and “Spank Thru”.

We managed to find a version here, so click play to get a feel for Cobain’s formative years as a songwriter.