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Bikini Kill
Bikini Kill on stage in Washington circa 1991via

Bikini Kill are releasing unheard music from 1991

Your favourite rebel grrrls have announced the reissue of an old demo tape with three unreleased tracks

In what is possibly the best news we’ve heard all week, riot grrrl pioneers and all-round feminist icons Bikini Kill have announced that they’re releasing a reissue of their first ever demo tape Revolution Girl Style Now! which will feature three unreleased tracks: "Ocean Song", "Just Once", and "Playground". The demo will be available for the first time on vinyl, CD and digitally (it was previously only available on tape) and will be released on 22 September via their own label, Bikini Kill Records.

With their gut-punching vocals, radical lyricism and fierce, no-holds-barred live performances, the DC punk outfit were one of the most influential bands to have sprung out of the nineties, taking cues from the no-fucks-given spirit of the 70s, and showing a generation of teenage girls that they didn’t have to answer to anybody but themselves. It’s a lesson that’s stuck, and can now be heard in the pummelling drums of Gossip, the brat-punk riffs of Skinny Girl Diet, the new wave of rising rebel girl bands as well as the attitude of all your coolest mates.

Watch the trailer for Revolution Girl Style Now! below