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mykki blanco

Mykki Blanco speaks out about the oppression we’re ignoring

The rapper writes eloquently about the struggle of Native Americans being pushed under the radar

It is obvious that the #AllLivesMatter hashtag is bullshit, and only there to silence people who are fighting for their rights. It’s even proven that #AllLivesMatter wasn’t being tweeted before #BlackLivesMatter was, it’s simply a childish reaction to what it undoubtedly a highly important movement.

However, Mykki Blanco acknowledged last night that Native Americans and other people of colour who aren’t necessarily "black" face oppression too, and that to say it’s pitting oppressions against each other is wrong. Blanco spent last night posting articles about the struggles Native Americans face, from higher suicide rates to police violence.

The rapper wrote on Facebook: “To acknowledge the reality of the most silenced is not in my opinion a "pitting of opressions". I have realized that so many "progressive activists" hush the systematic genocide of Native Americans by an attitude that is so dismissive it’s almost and I’m not being dramatic, like people who don’t believe the Holocaust happened. We can so willingly give our attention to the queer rights movement, trans rights (and) #Blacklivesmatter but as a whole Americans and even American so-called radicals seem to become mute when it comes to a group so silenced and so oppressed it is unimaginable these people endure the living conditions and high poverty rates and youth suicide rates within our borders. When you say “Don't pit oppressions against each other” you not only cease to even listen you become the oppressor by silencing the truth. Everything else seems trendy right now to support except the rights of the Native People, I guess that’s just too nostalgic for most of you activists.”

Blanco has spoken out passionately and truthfully about equality issues before, from her HIV positivity, to Ferguson and LGBT rights in Russia. Read some of what Blanco had to say on Twitter below, and check out the rest of it on her feed.