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Nicki Minaj hits out at ‘Anaconda’ VMA snub

The rapper was tweeting her feelings about being ignored by the awards and then Taylor Swift waded in like a wrecking ball

It’s no secret that mainstream music and film awards shows are very pale, male and stale, so why are artists of colour being overlooked?

Nicki Minaj hit out last night when it was revealed that neither Anaconda nor Feelin’ Myself were nominated for Best Music Video at the VMAs and speculated that other “kinds” of artists win awards and receive nominations. Minaj also retweeted the fact that Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball and her own Anaconda video both broke Vevo records, but Cyrus won a VMA last year and Anaconda was not even nominated.

Not one to take a barb (that wasn’t necessarily directed at her) lying down, in waded Taylor Swift to argue that she’s done nothing but love and support Minaj.

Perplexed, Minaj replied, saying that this was not about Taylor Swift, who then bizarrely offered the rapper a place next to her on her stage if she won the VMA, ‘cause that’d feel fabulous.

Swift hasn’t come out of the debate particularly well and may now find herself one member missing from her seemingly infinite-bodied, high-power girl gang. This has ended up with her seeming a bit like the "hey guys, what you talking about?" friend who always seems to be nearby, but never really there. Never good.

But onto real matters, does Nicki Minaj have a point?