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Better late than never, Beyvia

Beyoncé releases a pro-gay marriage video way late

Bey has posted a film of herself in rainbow get up dancing to 7/11 in honour of #lovewins

If you’re a human being on board this floating rock called Planet Earth, no doubt you’ve heard that the whole of the US has legalised same sex marriage, meaning that even the most socially conservative states have to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples who want to get hitched. You probably noticed all your friends’ profile pictures turning multi-coloured too.

Unusually late to the party, Beyoncé has only just got the memo and released an Instagram video of herself dancing maniacally to 7/11 in celebration of same sex marriage. She posted the vid with the caption "never too late" which is either a reference to the ruling or the fact that she has her finger way off the pulse.

To be totally fair to Bey, she’s been an ally of the LGBT movement for a while, proclaiming in 2013 that "if you like it, then you should be able to put a ring on it" and in 2011 saying she felt like she "is one" with her LGBT fans. Guess it doesn’t matter how long you wait to support.

Check Beyoncé celebrate #lovewins below.