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ArcaJai Odell

Jesse Kanda's visuals got Arca's Instagram deleted forever

The NSFW artwork for new track "Vanity" has fallen foul of the photo sharing site's guidelines so it's removed the producer's account permanently

Arca and Jesse Kanda are in trouble with Instagram. Yesterday the producer shared a new song called "Vanity", accompanied by artwork by his longtime collaborator Kanda. The image is archetypal Kanda, depicting an alien body moving in a sexually provocative fashion. It was too much for Instagram – the site has deleted Arca's account and according to the producer the ban is permanent.

Instagram is consistently battling users who believe that the site's terms of service are far too strict. A Canadian poet and artist called Rupi Kaur recentluy uploaded a photo of herself fully clothed with a spot of blood between her legs and on the sheet. It was deleted by Instagram, only to be reinstated shortly afterwards.

Jesse Kanda's case is an interesting one as it's a drawing of genitalia rather than a photo, a depiction rather than reality. Kanda and Arca's Facebook and Twitter accounts both remain active, with the imagery shared on both platforms as well as Instagram.

oh our facebook accounts still work .. let's talk about this

Posted by Jesse Kanda on Monday, 1 June 2015