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Tinie Tempah Ibiza
Tinie Tempah performing at Amnesia in IbizaAmnesia Ibiza via Flickr

Quiz show ‘Mastermind’ is heading to Ibiza

First question: how much MDMA is in the average ecstasy tablet found on the Balearic isle?

Pills, thrills and specialist questions on a pre-determined topic? British quiz show Mastermind is going to Ibiza this August to celebrate twenty years of the BBC's annual Radio 1 Ibiza weekend, an event held on the world's most famous party destination.

The Guardian reports that 71-year old presenter John Humphrys will not travel to the island, meaning that he'll miss out on all those wonderful Irish bars, Carl Cox playing at Space for €45 and extortionately priced vodka-based drinks. He must be gutted.

It's unclear what direction the questioning will take. It's thought that superstar DJs are likely to take part as contestants, which could turn out great if participants focus on something like simple like "Hedonism" but considerably less interesting if someone like Pete Tong picks "The History Of Pioneer CDJs" as his specialist subject. Here are a few of our suggestions for questions:

– In 2015, how many miligrams of MDMA does the average ecstasy tablet contain?

– What is "reaching for the lasers"?

– Does anyone really mean it when they say "I love you, man" in Ibiza?

– How much would the average punter spend on lager during a week in Ibiza?

– Is Paul Oakenfold related to God?

The programme will air on the Radio 1 channel on iPlayer in the first weekend of August. It's not the first music-centric special edition of Mastermind; last year Radio 1Xtra hosted a hip hop themed show, won by 1Xtra presenter DJ Semtex. Fix!