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Willow Smith still F Q C- #7
Willow Smith pays homage to her colourful chakras in the self-produced video for “F Q C- #7”

Music videos of the month

Willow Smith clones herself, Kali Uchis channels Quentin Tarantino, and Arca goes deeper into his animatronic nightmare


There is nothing more pleasing than being wrapped up in a clean, white towel whilst resting on a stack of clean, white towels. Add some gloopy, aquatic synth, an ethereally deadpan tone and a futuristic, DIS-style stock image aesthetic and you get this entrancing, ice-white music video from newcomer Bea1991, who's already been co-signed by Dev Hynes.


Old desktop monitors, pyro fire shooters and sledgehammers collide in this satanic music video from Zebra Katz and producer Leila. “Tell these bitches not to fuck with me, I’m so hot I’ll give them third degree,” snarls Katz over distorted sirens and dark, dirty beats as he launches fire onto a desert landscape straight outta The Holy Mountain. The track and video come in conjunction with their collaborative EP Nu Renegade.


Supermodel Heidi Klum and Games of Thrones actor Pedro Pascal get it on in this hot and heavy video for Sia’s plunging pop track “Fire Meet Gasoline”. In it, the pair skip through fields, roll around looking hot, before… burning down houses and hitting people with rocks. Ah, the crazy things we do for love. Also, as it turns out, it’s not the official video for the track, but a lingerie commercial for Heidi Klum Intimates for which Sia licenced her song. Even so, we’re quite into it.


Don’t you hate it when you’re stroking some cheetahs in South Africa but then your girlfriend dumps you over FaceTime? What a mood killer. And it's also the basic premise of Rae Sremmurd’s latest visual, where the hip hop duo make the everyday seem effervescently desirable – it’s glossy yet winking, just like their infectious jams.


This stunning, literally star-studded visual from production mastermind Jamie XX and space-obsessed digital artist Erik Wernquist is actually made up of real high-res deep-space footage from sources like NASA. The immersive clip lets us imagine what it might be like to move to another planet, floating through the blackened corners of the cosmos like a single, lonely satellite, before tumbling back down to earth. 


Girl of the moment Kali Uchis serves up some soft-focus 1970s Hollywood nostalgia in this Tarantino-inspired video for “Rush”. The hazy, disco-jazz track was produced by Kaytranada and BADBADNOTGOOD and the video was co-directed by Uchis herself. “From the moment I seen ‘What They Say’ I knew Kali had something special,” Snoop Dogg told us last year. “She has this authentic look that reminded me of that old-school low-rider culture.”


We all want to shoot toy guns, play cards and take belfies with Miley Cyrus, but we’re not all Zoe Kratitz, sadly. This lo-fi, VHS-filmed treat from her band Lolawolf is like an X-rated version of Beyoncé’s “7/11”, set to the sound of a synth-heavy, club-ready banger. “Who’s the bad ass bitch that nobody heard, that everybody heard of?” she sings in warped auto-tune, in a chorus that will be in spinning round your head for weeks.

WILLOW – “F Q C- #7”

Willow Smith has come a long way since her swaggy, head-drill of a debut, “Whip My Hair”, but this self-produced video is just as visually striking as her first. She’s also cloned herself especially for the occasion, with each clone representative of her chakras, according to what she told The Fader: “Yellow is Self-confidence, Blue is my voice (song), Red is my survival instinct, and the Black is a combination of everything (the true me)." What are my chakras and where can I find them?


If you have an irrational fear that your back will be eaten away at by little red dots, then look away now. In another warped, animatronic nightmare from Arca’s long-time collaborator Jesse Kanda, we see a relentless, shadowy dancing figure, similar to the figure we saw in “Xen” but twice as creepy. The track itself is a symphony of icy synths, splicing each other for room.


"I wanted to make a music video full of hot boys, being presented in what could be interpreted as a 'sexual' manner,” London-based artist Nabihah Iqbal aka Throwing Shade told Dazed about her newest visual creation, which is dripping in colour and texture, and full of half-naked men lounging about in fruit and honey. “I wanted to produce something beautiful and suggestive, without being crass." If that’s what she wanted, it’s spot on.