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Thom Yorke
Thom Yorke helping to sell medicine in Russiavia

Thom Yorke is on posters for Russian pharmacies

The Radiohead frontman's face is being used to make people fitter, happier, more productive

Who knew Thom Yorke had a face made for advertising? Not long after turning up on the front cover of an Iranian self-help book about sex and relationships, the same mugshot of the Radiohead frontman is being used by Russian pharmacies.

Yorke's face appears on the billboard along with the caption: "We will help you forget about: fatigue, insomnia, skin problems, attention deficit disorder, colds and headaches.” Don't know about you, but Thom Yorke would not be my first port of call for sex advice or consultation on health issues.

It's unclear whether or not Yorke is aware that his face is being used – maybe after giving all that music away for free he needs the cash. However, as a resolute left-wing liberal it's unlikely that he'll be a huge fan of policies or regimes upheld in either country.

The Iranian book that Yorke appears on is called Marital and Sexual Problems In Men – see the cover below, also inexplicably featuring the American novelist John Updike, who died in 2009.

Perhaps the Russian pharmacy took its lead from "Fitter Happier", Yorke's dystopian review of modern habits on OK Computer. If so, something evidently got lost in translation.