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Kurt Cobain in LA apartment
Kurt Cobain in the LA apartment he lived in with Courtney Love from '91-92

Kurt and Courtney's old apartment is on Airbnb

This is the home where Cobain put down his guitar and reportedly considered retiring from music to focus on painting

The LA apartment on Spaulding Avenue that Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love shared between 1991 and 1992 is listed on Airbnb for £200 a night. At the time that the pair lived in the apartment Nirvana were at the peak of their powers. Nevermind had just come out, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was at the top of the charts and the band were beginning to represent the disaffection of an entire generation. They were icons. Love was pregnant with Frances Bean for a lot of this time, putting her Hole career on hold.

The current tenant is a man called Brandon Kleinman. He's rented out the apartment for the past couple of years. Speaking to Vulture, he revealed that Cobain did a lot of painting while he lived there – and there's potentially a lot of unseen work in the home.

“There’s latex painting over the fireplace,” Kleinman says. “I know there’s tons of art painted on the actual mantel of the fireplace. I want to see if there’s a way to get under the layered paint, to see what he painted under there.”

According to a 2004 LA Times article by Charles R.Cross, the apartment was a place in which Cobain considered retiring from music to focus on painting. "In an apartment on Spaulding Avenue, at the height of his fame, he put down his guitar, picked up a paint brush and contemplated a life without music. For several months he was ensconced in a mad world of creation. He painted using acrylics and oils, but at times he mixed his own blood, semen, cigarette ash and fecal matter into his medium. It was astonishing work. Most of it has only been seen by his closest friends."

Kleinman also says he had no idea that he was moving into Cobain and Love's former home when he signed for the property; the landlord had deliberately kept it a secret because he wasn't getting the best tenants when he revealed the backstory. Kleinman still gets Nirvana fans showing up though. "Once every 60 days or so, I’ll get a weird, older gentleman, a rocker-type dude, sort of a burnout, knocking on the door, saying, ‘Do you know what used to happen here?’”

Calling all obsessive/slightly mawkish Nirvana fans – this is the rental apartment for you.