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Technoclub Frankfurt
Andreas Tomalla opened "Technoclub" in 1984, the first club in Frankfurt to play only electronic musicvia Wikimedia Commons

Europe's first techno museum to open in Frankfurt

Lovers of repetitive beats should head to the Museum of Modern Electronic Music in Germany

Calling all ravers! Europe's first techno museum is opening in Frankfurt, meaning that soon you'll be able to combine clubbing with a cultural day out. The Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM) is set up by industrial DJ Andreas Tomalla (aka TALLA 2XLC), whose credibility cannot be doubted – he actually invented the word "techno". Tomalla hopes that the museum will open its doors in 2017.

Deutsche Welle reports that the museum will focus on the sensory experience that clubbing offers and provide insight on the impact that electronic music has had on 20th and 21st century culture. There will be workshops for any budding DJs and the museum will also hold live events, which makes this place sound pretty much like the most educational club ever.

The city of Frankfurt has leased the space to the founders of MOMEM for free, affirming how Germans regard electronic music as an important part of their cultural identity. MOMEM would be the second ever techno museum in the world (there's EXHIBIT 3000 in Detroit) and the first in Europe. 

As a DJ, producer and club owner, Tomalia has helped to push the art form forward since the 1980s. In 1984, he opened Technoclub, the first nightclub in Frankfurt that focussed only on electronic music.

Now he's opened the world's first museum to focus solely on the genre, cementing himself as somebody who is central to preserving and pushing forward electronic music. A lot of people struggle to maintain interest in museums, so I suppose "make it a bit more like a club" isn't a bad tactic to get people through the doors.

(h/t artnet)