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Hear Mosca tear through his influences for his Dazed mix

The London-based producer goes hard on this house and techno mix and discusses the state of UK nightlife in 2015

This is part of a series of articles on the state of the nation ahead of the seismic UK election on May 7. Check out what we demand from the next government, and don't forget to vote.  Read our piece on why UK nightlife will never die.

UK nightlife is undergoing a seismic overhaul, with more clubs than ever before being shut down by developers in favour of luxury flats. Despite the disappearance of some of our favourite venues, there's still so much to shout about – Britain's nightlife is anything but dead. Dazed has four mixes coming out that celebrate UK music and showcase the influences that our artists are absorbing for their own tracks. First up is London-based producer Mosca, who steps up with a house-heavy mix spanning an hour.

Cherry picking his influences from East Coast hip hop, South African afro house, Shaolin soul and dancehall, the London-based artist is clearly not boxed in by any particular genre. Heading up record label Not So Much alongside holding down a monthly residency on NTS, the polymath has put together one banger of a mix. What to expect? “Dark/dissonant/melancholy shit but balanced with a kind of sexy/mature/emotional feel, dubbiness, energy, rhythm,” he tells us. We premiere it here, and talk to the DJ/producer about nostalgia and the state of the UK's nightlife today.

What will we find in this mix?

Mosca: In terms of genre this is a lot 'straighter' than I play in the club, more house and techno. I got in a 2x2 groove in the middle section and just ran with it. There's some more futuristic stuff towards the end – the Tessela cut I've been caning and I'm really excited to have just put out the Samuel track on my label Not So Much.

What was the most important club to you in your formative years? Why?

Mosca: I'm going to group myself with a thousand other DJs who all say Plastic People. As a context for a pretty wide variety of music I don't think you can beat it. Intimate but not stifling, dark so you can dance like nobody's watching rather than have your wallet nicked. Not too posh, not too gully. A feeling in the crowd, a feeling in the booth, and sound like you're somehow getting the music before it comes out the speakers.

What's the one track that never fails to make you nostalgic for for your early club experiences?

Mosca: Smokey Joe – “Special Request”. I never got into D&B, but jungle like this was perfect for me, bags of energy. That UK/JA 'special relationship,' future and history rolled into one, deepness, a sense of the visual/cinematic, and a sincerity that is often forgotten in club music – especially the more banging end of things.

What do you think about the state of UK nightlife today?

Mosca: I'm positive that we'll get back to a state of world class nightlife. Everything's very transitory at the moment, but it's a good thing. People need a kick up the arse, they need to be shaken up. To create art of any kind it helps to have something to fight against. Some problems, you know?

Where do you think the most exciting nightlife is happening in the country right now?

Mosca: Still the same cities as ever – Glasgow, Dublin, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, the Steel City, Leeds, Manny, Birmingham is coming up, Newcastle is coming up, obviously Slough/Windsor/Bracknell is still up there.


Trus'Me - “Somebody (Mosca Remix)"

Reel By Real - “Karma (Random Octivation Remix)

Phil Kieran - "Snakes Crawl (PK Joyless Mix)"

Self Enemy - "Field"

Myles Serge - "Untitled 1"

A.Trebor - "Quemadura Del Sol (Raiz Remix)"

Markus Suckut - "Scree"

Ben Klock - "Pulse"

Roman Poncet - "SSN02 (Truncate Remix 2)"

Markus Suckut - "Turn On"

Eduardo De La Calle - "The Promise"

Truncate - "Transients V1"

Jitterbug - "Jus Drums"

Tessela - "Bottom Out"

Samuel - "Static On The Dancefloor"

Radial - "Quarantine"