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Grace Jones by Kate Simon

Grace Jones lands her first ever documentary with the BBC

The Sophie Fiennes-directed film is a ‘journey through the private and public realms of the legendary performer’

BBC Films celebrated its 25th anniversary yesterday and it's giving everyone a massive present: a feature documentary about Grace Jones, the world's most magnetic, oyster-chomping, Dolph Lundgren-dating superstar. Grace Jones – The Musical Of My Life will be the first ever doc about the life and times of Jones. What took so long, right?

The film will be directed by Sophie Fiennes, who is also responsible for The Pervert's Guide To Ideology, the critically acclaimed 2012 documentary presented by the philosopher Slavoj Žižek. Fiennes' documentary on Grace Jones has reportedly been in the works for seven years, and BBC Films joins the BFI Film Fund and the Irish Film Board as co-financers. The Beeb describes the film as an "observational portrait" and "a multi-narrative journey through the private and public realms of the legendary singer and performer".

Jamaican-born Jones, now 66, once modelled for Yves Saint Laurent and Kenzo Takada and appeared on the cover of Vogue. She blew Paris away with her incredible dark skin, androgynous looks and unmatchable presence. After modelling she turned her hand to music and scored a number of successful hits, including "Slave To The Rhythm" and "Pull Up To The Bumper".

Look at music today and its easy to see where her influence has been felt – artists such as FKA twigs and Nicki Minaj have surely taken leads from Jones' fearless approach to feminity and creativity. The film is said to be an observational portrait of a bold woman who changed so much - we can't wait.

Watch "Pull Up To The Bumper" below: