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Minimal house, R&B and sad emojis: hear LSDXOXO's mixtape

‘The perfect musical backdrop for hitting a lick, or getting dicked (Can I say that?)’

“My album's aesthetic is crying in the club,” Brooklyn producer LSDXOXO tweeted back in January. That's not too surprising given the Jennifer Mehigan collaborator's first mixtape featured a track literally called “*SadEmoji*”, but this time he's feeling even more gloomy. “After my last release, I sank into a bit of a dark space,” LSDXOXO explains to Dazed. “My initial approach with new material was to put all of the unexpressed anger into music...but no one likes a bitter Betty, so I put the project to the side for a while, and let life play out until I wasn't as in my feelings. If you listen closely, you can sort of hear my moods change throughout. That's a Gemini for you!”

The result is Sacanagem, a mixtape with a split personality. Like whorecore before it, the tape features appearances from “pure spirit” Bbymutha, LSD's “sister wife” Cakes Da Killa and Camp & Street singer Rahel, as well as sideways takes on pop bangers (see “2222222 On”, which is basically Tinashe's hit as seen through the bottom of a glass several hours later). And like the disturbingly sexy whorecore before it, it's all a bit *Smirking Emoji* meets *Sobbing Emoji*. Hear it exclusively below.

Where did the title Sacanagem come from?

LSDXOXO: I chose Sacanagem as the title for this project, partly because of its brazilian and Baile funk influences. The word roughly translates to “filthy” or “lewd” in Portuguese. For me, that choice was definitely a reclamation of sorts. I've heard those exact words used to describe my music and lifestyle, so...

You put a messed-up twist on mainstream pop music. What's your relationship with pop?

LSDXOXO: I love pop music! I remember BEGGING my mom to buy me Britney Spears' Live From Vegas concert DVD when I was around 10 years old, and Madonna's Confessions on a Dancefloor is easily one of my top 3 favorite albums of all time. As much as I'd like to dismiss mainstream influences, I borrow quite a bit of my sound from pop music as a whole. It helps with staying current on the latest post-production techniques, in terms of mixing and music theory.

You tweeted ages ago that this album is about “crying in the club.” But it's super sexually charged too. What's the ideal situation to listen to this mixtape in?

LSDXOXO: I like to think there's something on Sacanagem for all occasions. The album's a bit less club-centric this time around, but the morbid undertones and minimal house vibes are in full effect. Its also got a few mellowed-out R&B-esque cuts. It's the perfect musical backdrop for hitting a lick, or getting dicked. (Can I say that?)

Anything else we should know about you?

LSDXOXO: I've got a weird daddy obsession for Christopher Meloni, and I was on my high school's football team for like 3 days. 

Download Sacanagem here