Watch Andrea Balency’s statically charged new video

The Franco-Mexican artist celebrates her new EP with a video that colours outside the lines

Andrea Balency, frequent collaborator of 1-800 Dinosaur guy Airhead and Red Bull Music Academy graduate, has been quietly on the rise for a while now. The Franco-Mexican artist's debut EP Walls, released in 2014, saw her pretty astonishingly described by The Guardian as part of a “cutely breathy females scene”, but belied so much more than an on-trend feather-soft voice: Balency is a classical composer, building electronic compositions that mesh with her fluid vocal from scratch. According to a press release for her latest EP, Volcano, she “treats her new forays into sound and melody as research”. Don't let the academic sound of that put you off, though: hit play on her new video for single “Waterfalls”, and see how she brings her subject to life, the heartbeat of the track swelling as her voice drifts across its electrically charged surface and colours explode out of their lines. 

Volcano is out now on Bataille Music

Label: Bataille; A&R and Management; Frederic Schindler; Label Management: Anne-Sophie Rosell; Legals: Clemence Azoulay