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Listen to SOPHIE and A. G. Cook's amped-up remix of Yelle

The French band’s ‘Moteur Action’ gets a fizzy MOT from the hyper-pop pair

Yelle’s candy-coated pop gets a thorough servicing from PC Music affiliates SOPHIE and A. G. Cook in this great refix of “Moteur Action”, a song from their 2014 album Complètement Fou. The production pair, who got to work on the track by feeding the lyrics through Google translate with predictably rubbish results, bring all of their trademark Technicolour swagger to the original’s perfectly poised pop, building to a madcap finale that’ll make your synapses sizzle. “SOPHIE and A.G. Cook bring ‘Moteur Action’ to the future,” say Yelle of the remix. “We’ve been SOPHIE fans since ‘Bipp’ – we did some sessions together and became friends. We love A. G. Cook and all the PC Music tracks, they’re so refreshing and exciting. This remix is lemon!” The band is currently on tour and will stop over in London next week for a show at Village Underground on Wednesday (March 4).