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Rosie Lowe
Rosie LoweBison

Peek through the veil at Rosie Lowe's new video

‘Who's That Girl’ is the metallic first taste of the singer-songwriter's upcoming debut album

“Who's That Girl?” is not a question you'll need to ask about London singer-songwriter Rosie Lowe for much longer. The Dazed 100 graduate has already got several tracks of electronic soul recorded with the likes of Kwes and The Invisible's Dave Okumu under her belt, but this year she's set to make her debut proper with an album on Paul Epworth's Wolf Tone label; and the video premiering below is our first glimpse into the metallic, glistening world she's been building. Directed by Bison, “Who's That Girl?” toys with concealing identity, as Lowe sways and sings under a veil and blinding flashes of light. As she explains, it's fitting for a song that's all about the different faces people can wear: “‘Who’s That Girl’ is about not recognising someone any more. It’s always in the times of struggle – when something bad happens – that the biggest lessons are learnt and you realise who your true friends are. Some people step up and some people step down. This song is about a friend that stepped down when I needed her most.”

Wolf Tone will release Rosie Lowe's debut album later this year